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People Communicate Often Through Romantic SMS Messaging

When it comes to communication in relationships, everything has evolved so much to where people have many different options. They aren’t just talking on the phone anymore but communicating online via social media, dating sites and especially through text messaging via mobile phones. Romantic SMS messaging has developed a culture all its own, so get ready to find out a little more about it.

Oh the smiley faces and acronyms abound. When it comes to romantic SMS messaging, there are many different acronyms and also shorter ways to say things that you can use to keep messages short. For instance, instead of love, you can put the heart symbol and instead of “you,” you can put “u.” These cute spellings do more than just save time, but each of them has developed into part of the culture of messaging and can help you flirt in certain ways.

They also change over time. Just as words in general are trending in conversation, same goes for text messaging. An example of one acronym that has withstood the test of time is “lol,” but most of them have their time and then pass the torch to something else.

Want to think of creative ways to send these types of messages? What about these examples: I want u with me 4ever, Can I kiss u?, and I wanna call u mine. It’s cute to make your messages shorter, and it is seen as flirty and as “cool.” If you know how to text, it is a communication all its own.

It can also be hard to understand the tone and message conveyed by a text message. So, you must work hard at the communication to make sure your partner understands what your message is trying to get across. The more you know your partner, the easier this will be to do.

Smiley faces were mentioned while ago, and this is something that has really developed over time. At first, there was the standard smiley and a few other symbols used often. Now people are winking and sending all kinds of different smileys that phone service providers either provide in animation or that people know by using certain symbols. Of course, again you want to make sure your message is getting across to your lover.

One great thing that romantic SMS messages do is to keep the communication going. You can’t always be with your partner, and you can’t always call your partner either. But taking a moment to send “I love u” in a text message or just keeping an ongoing conversation going with a simple text goes a long way. It keeps you with your lover in a sense and doesn’t let the conversation go dry.

Of course, you have to understand that text messaging is not communicating in person or talking on the phone, so you don’t want to just relegate your relationship to text messaging. This is where many people get it wrong. Instead you want to use SMS messaging to help add to your relationship and other forms of communication.

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