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A love SMS is short message sent with a cell phone to a spouse or lover. A love SMS, or text message, is a great way to let your sweetheart know they are on your mind during the day and while apart. The fast pace of modern life can sometimes lead to feeling detached from the people you love, sending quick love SMS’s is an excellent way to make sure they know just how much they mean to you.

Some people thing that saying I love you through a text message is impersonal, but nothing could be further from the truth. Making the most of every day and making sure the people you care about you know they are on your mind is never unromantic. The constant connection, despite of distance, can help your special someone feel confident and make your relationship stronger.

Many years ago, love letters were the epitome of romance. Lovers spent hours drafting beautiful letters in perfect penmanship to send to the people they were pining for. In modern times, where paper mail has been replaced with email and text messaging, using a love SMS is only logical.

Many people worry that an SMS is too impersonal a medium to send love messages on, but the most important factor that makes an action romantic is the sincerity with which it was sent. Using personal references, pet names, or inside jokes are just a few of the ways you can help make you SMS special and let your loved one know what you feel in only a few words. Double check your SMS before you send it to avoid sending embarrassing autocorrect mistakes or cliché expression.

If you aren’t sure how to verbalize the way you feel, there are services available that allow you to purchase texts, much like a hallmark card. This is a good way to express what you feel in a unique way using words you might not have thought of yourself. Of course, it’s much quicker than a card because you can send it instantly regardless of whether you are at work, in a meeting or on a bus or plane.

Love SMS’s are not only for young love, they can also for married couples to stay connected and keep the fire burning. It’s easy to forget to appreciate the person you’re married to, especially if you’ve been married a long time, but taking small moments throughout the day to let your spouse know that you appreciate them can make keep you connected and close to the person you chose to spend your life with.

A Love SMS might not be as romantic as telling someone that you love them in person, it is a great way to stay connected to your loved one throughout the day. It is a good way to share the way you feel, and let them know they are remembered, while catering perfectly to the fast pace of modern life. It is a tender, quick and easy way to stay in touch with another person during the day.

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